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What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is essentially your solution to prevalent cyber threats. It is a cybersecurity certification that stands as the sole cybersecurity standard endorsed by the UK Government, administered by the National Cyber Security Centre. Numerous forward-thinking businesses are actively taking steps to fortify their defences against cyber threats. They recognize the  need to establish robust standards that serve as the bedrock for sound cyber security practices.

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What sets Cyber Essentials Apart?

When it comes to safeguarding your digital assets, you need more than just words you need, assurance, reliability and effectiveness.

Cyber Essentials stands as a beacon of cybersecurity excellence. 

The thrilling news? It truly works! Cyber Essentials has proven itself as a formidable shield, significantly contributing to the decline in successful breaches over the years. With Cyber Essentials by your side, you’re not just fighting cyber threats – you’re winning.

How to achieve Cyber Essentials Certification?

Commercial Networks partners with you and prepares you to take charge of your organization’s cybersecurity destiny. We Embrace Cyber Essentials, and let your business thrive in the digital realm with newfound confidence. The future is secure, and it begins with our two assessment packages we offer. 

Cyber Essentials Basic  

The basic certification is a self-assessment questionnaire that you own IT team can complete within a six-month window. Don’t worry if you don’t have an IT team, we are here to help by providing you Cyber Essential Guided Certification or Cyber Essentials Managed Certification. 

While the sound of a DIY assessment may seem simple it’s important to note that mere completion doesn’t guarantee your business’s successful pass. To secure a stress-free pass, we offer our invaluable expertise and support throughout the journey.

Cyber Essential Plus  

Cyber essential plus is a step ahead and the highest level of securing your business. We offer robust onsite vulnerability scans for your business systems and infrastructure to ensure compliance with the standard inclusive of policy development and staff training. Cyber essential plus certainly does not leave any room for errors as it is accompanied by an audit of both your technical and non-technical controls. 

With the ongoing cyber essentials plus compliance service your systems are monitored continuously for any potential threats and vulnerabilities will be easily discoverable and indicated on a personal dashboard. A speedy solution can then be implemented entirely securing your systems and maintaining alignment with the standard. 

What does my business benefit from cyber essentials?

Alignment with Government Regulation

Your certification signifies your adherence to best practices in data security, aligning your business seamlessly with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). 

Lower Cyber Insurance Premiums

By proudly displaying your Cyber Essentials certification, you can potentially enjoy up to a 10% reduction in your cyber insurance premiums.

Securing Your Operations

In an era where data protection is paramount, certification demonstrates your commitment to safeguarding your clients’ and stakeholders’ data. It showcases your responsible approach to high-level security. 

Competitive Advantage

With Cyber Essentials in your arsenal, you gain the means to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and propel productivity to unprecedented levels, enabling you to not just meet but exceed your targets.

Building Customer Trust

If a breach is to happen, what are the chances your clients will continue in business with you? When, customers see your conscious effort to protect their information, it fosters trust, creating enduring client relationships.

Better late than never!

Ready to Get Cyber Safe?

Are you’re seeking a Cyber Essentials certificate or new to the cybersecurity realm and would like to find out more? Commercial Network is your trusted ally in navigating digital threats and IT security services.  We are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and support, and we pride ourselves on helping businesses achieve a higher level of cybersecurity assurance

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Help & FAQs

Your chosen Cyber Essentials golden ticket to cyber safety is valid for an entire year. Once your 12-month journey with this certificate comes to an end, simply reinvest the same amount to continue enjoying unparalleled cybersecurity with a brand-new certificate. However, a more economical way is  a subscription to the ongoing cyber essentials plus compliance service. It’s an easy and automatic recertification that comes with extra benefits. Your systems are monitored continuously for any potential threats and vulnerabilities will be easily discoverable and indicated on a personal dashboard. A speedy solution can then be implemented entirely securing your systems and maintaining alignment with the standard. 

It is vital to understand what cyber essentials is actually assessing your business on? Well, the answer is 5 technical  cyber essentials controls which are safeguards, incorporated into computer, hardware or firmware. These  include  User Access control ,   Firewalls and internet Gateways , Secure configuration, Patch Management ,Malware protection.

  • How do you control user access in your organisation ?
  • How robust is your password security?
  • Do you have defenses against Malicious software?
  • Do you utilize firewalls for network security?
  • Are your servers and gadgets configured correctly?
  • Is the software across your organizational devices current?