IT Support

IT Support Services

With over 40 years experience we offer the complete package of IT Solutions including - Helpdesk Support, Windows Server Support, Network Support, IT Audits, Cloud Migration and support, Office 365 and full MSP solutions

Network Support

Network Support & Consultancy

Commercial Networks are specialists when it comes to commercial networks. We have built reliable, stable & secure business networks of all sizes throughout the UK and can support all your Network requirements.

Hosted Exchange

Office 365

We provide support and migration services to anyone looking to use Microsoft 365. We can happily create your users and manage any day to day issues and we offer this at the same cost as going direct to Microsoft.

IT Helpdesk


We pride ourselves on being a leading MSP. An MSP is a partner in your business taking care of your IT as a Managed Service Provider we will deploy and manage your IT. Our agents run 24x7 on your equipment to allow us to patch all leading software provide state of the art Anti Virus and should a problem slip through our technicians are at the end of a phone to fix things. All this from just £20 per workstation.

IT Support

Windows Server Support

Having over 20 years experience supplying & supporting Windows Server Software along makes Commercial Networks the ideal choice for managing your businesses servers.

Network Support

Network Security

Commercial Networks offer you a high level of protection and peace of mind. We look after your IT network and safeguard it against threats leaving you to concentrate on your business.


Commercial Networks Ltd will provide you and your staff with a full range of business IT skills.  From usage assistance to developing new systems that will grow with your business. We always take the time to understand your business IT systems, your business and its processes as well as your exact requirements, to obtain maximum uptime and performance from your IT network.

Office 365

With Office 365 we can enable your business IT to move to the cloud.  We offer all 365 packages at the same cost as going direct to Microsoft.  The advantage of using ourselves than going direct is that we will setup all of your accounts for you and manage your groups teams and permissions.  Allowing your business to use the power that Office 365 and the cloud can offer.

24/7 Monitoring

Our team uses specialist monitoring software so we know status of business critical servers and hardware 24/7. If there‘s a problem with your business IT we will know about it instantly. Therefore 99% of the time we resolve any issues that occur before they can impact on your business.

Commercial Networks Ltd – IT Support you can depend on

With over 40 years’ experience providing Business IT Solutions.  We pride ourselves on our customer loyalty and dedication.  Commercial Networks Ltd was founded to provide a full range of IT services.  From IT support to IT installation across the SMB sector throughout the UK.  We can work with SMB’s to provide onsite solutions to fully hosted.  Ensuring you have the tools your business needs to survive with its business IT.

From Office 365 to hosted VOIP solutions Commercial Networks can be your one stop shop for all your IT.  We can easily arrange broadband lines a full telephone system and computer support including a full MSP offering.

Our business IT MSP or managed service provider for those unsure of the terminology offers every PC within your business a full monitoring solution to pick up on issues before they affect staff.  Patch management is included to ensure you have all the latest protection again various malware etc.  We monitor and report the state of all Anti Virus.  All this is included within a set monthly fee allowing you to grow your business on a reliable protected computer system.

Our dedicated staff have a vast knowledge of computer networking within many business sectors.  We have worked on many large IT systems and felt that the SMB sector was being held back due to the costs of a dedicated IT department.

Commercial Networks Ltd was formed to address this gap within the market and provide honest friendly and affordable business IT services.  Therefore, we will provide you and your staff with a full range of skills.  These range from usage assistance to developing new systems that will grow with your business.

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    Our team of experts can manage all the servers on your network or in the cloud. We monitor our clients servers and PC’s constantly and resolve 99% of issues before they can adversely affect the running of your business.

  • Business Telecoms

    We are able to provide a complete range of telecom services from PSTN lines to MPLS networks.  Our braodband and FTTC services are supported by our own helpdesk so no need to call and wait in a long queue with the ISP.  If your business needs a new telephone system then we can offer our own hosted 3CX environment with SIP trunks all setup for you to take your calls anywhere you need to.


    Network Security is of paramount importance to all companies. As AVG Partners we can supply commercial anti-virus & anti-malware software to protect your business from online threats.


    A well planned and implemented network infrastructure forms the backbone of modern businesses and is vital for success. We have many years of experience with all aspects of Networking including LAN, WAN, WLAN and VPN Solutions.


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