Here’s how to freeze your price

Not sure if you have heard ? There is a Microsoft price increase coming in March

It is the first big price increase since it’s launch. There have been UK price changes previously but just to take into account changes in currency markets. They have not released official UK figures yet but based on the US figures released these increases could be in the region of 20-40%.

Office 365

This change is far more than a Price increase, Microsoft are changing the way in which it offers 365. We have spent the last several months back and forward with Microsoft over various aspects of this change. A lot of IT businesses will suffer some short term pain getting used to the new normal.

As of March you will have a choice between the monthly subscription you currently take or committing to a minimum amount of licenses for a 12 month period.

Going with a 12 month agreement will lock you into that price for the year, although you will not be able to reduce your numbers like we did for many companies during the pandemic as staff were placed on furlough. During your contract you can happily add additional licenses as your business grows.

Should your business see a decrease in staff for whatever reason. You will need to continue paying until the end of your fixed 12 month period. Microsoft are only allowing a 72 hour window at your renewal to make changes. This we feel will catch out a lot of IT providers especially if it falls on a bank holiday. We have already programmed our internal systems to alert account managers 5 days before your renewal so they can discuss any changes you need without being re-enrolled at your current level for a further 12 months.

If you are not paying Microsoft direct and your subscriptions are billed through your IT provider like ourselves, it means that you will be unable to move your licensing to another IT provider during that contract.

It may be worth you thinking through your plans for the next 12 months before making any decisions.

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