Is your business still using old outdated technology for your team?

It is a real false economy

Why is outdated technology bad for my business?

You may be thinking that your saving money, in reality your losing money. The reason your loosing money is that your losing staff’s time and productivity every day. Just think of it if opening outlook takes 5 minutes each morning, over a week that is 25 minutes wasted. Over the month that adds up to 100 minutes.

Over a year we estimate that an employee could lose 70 hours just waiting for Outlook to open. Then we add in time to load a web page switch applications open and shut word and excel you can see where the saving is.

Whilst the cost of hardware has reduced over the years is it really worth saving the money?

Here are three other threats to your business from using outdated technology.

Don’t just take our word for it read what biz journals has to say

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