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Work effectively wherever you are

With the advent of the internet it is now possible for your company to use remote working, and allow employees to work effectively and productively whenever they are yet still have access to all the resources of the office.

Remote working has become common practice over recent years and you can use VPN (Virtual Private Networks) and remote desktop connections to give employees access to files and databases stored on the office servers. It is also possible to connect multiple sites to the head office using hardware VPN boxes or firewalls to maintain a constant link between sites.

We can provide a full range of solutions to allow remote working, but also allow you access to reports on users accessing the system and also restrict access specific allowed logon hours. Your current network may already have everything you need to allow access but it has never been enabled. Our specialists can configure this for you allowing users to pickup email and work from home. No more issues with staff calling in to say their child is ill or the car has broken down, our team of support staff can even take control of their home machine to show them how to connect.

Remote Working

Benefits of remote working

  • Increase Productivity

    You can locate employees where they are most needed instead of tying them down to the office.

  • Communication

    Employees whose role has them constantly on the move have full access to emails, files and databases no matter where they are.

  • Link Multiple Sites

    Multiple sites can be linked to the network at head office securely, allowing resources to be shared and saving costs of deploying extensive infrastructure at remote sites.

  • Greener & Healthier

    No more commuting to the office saving employees the stress of the daily trip to work and also eliminating the pollution generated by their vehicles.

  • Calmer Work Environment

    Employees can work from the comforts of their own home, striking a good work-life balance but without the stress, noise and distractions of a busy office environment.

  • Reduce Office Costs

    There is no need for a large office or a large amount of workstations if employees can work from home and still have access to resources needed to be productive.


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