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Commercial Networks offer you a high level of protection and peace of mind. We look after your IT network and safeguard it against threats leaving you to concentrate on your business. From Vlan's to secure wireless solutions we can manage them all.

Network Security – Safe & Sound

As our businesses become more dependant on our IT networks, the need for increased Network Security becomes more apparent. It’s vital that we ensure that sufficient levels of protection are in place to protect our networks, company data and more importantly client data. Data security can be a legal responsibility depending on your area of business so network security shouldn’t be taken lightly.

We can provide your business with the complete package of network security serviced which have been specifically tailored to reducing and eliminating any security vulnerabilities on your network. This means reduced business downtime, no loss of data, no loss of reputation / customer confidence and ultimately no loss of money due to Viruses, Spyware through to Phishing and hacker attacks.

Commercial Networks network security services include in-depth network security audits and assessments for your entire network which will enable you to ascertain how vulnerable your existing networks are. From here we will work with you to improve your data security.

Our Network Security Solutions

There are now so many network security products and suppliers available to choose from, but how do you know which is the right solution for your requirements, as well as being sure that your chosen network security products will work together effectively without conflicting with each other?

We will work closely with you to ensure you receive the right solution that meets your requirements and budget whilst at the same time ensuring that your chosen network security products will work alongside each other and your existing IT infrastructure.

  • Watchguard Hardware Firewalls

    We supply & support Watchguard Firewall’s which provide the protection, filtering & event logging capabilities that your network needs to stay secure. An effective firewall solution can resolve many of the security issues facing us in one neat package.

  • Security Audits

    Regular and comprehensive security audits are essential to identifying weaknesses within your network or your procedures allowing them to be resolved before they become a real problem to your business.

  • Anti Virus Software

    We have partnered with industry leading AVG Anti Virus Software which will protect you from online threats, dangerous attachments and infected flash drives or memory cards plugged into workstations on your network

  • Web Content Filtering

    The growing threats posed by the online world make web content filtering essential in order to protect your systems and valuable data from being compromised, costing both time and money.

  • Anti Spam

    Unwanted spam emails are a persistent issue with hundreds if not thousands hitting your email servers daily. We offer a range of anti spam solutions suitable for companies of any size to reduce the clutter & improve the security of company emails.

  • Spyware & Malware

    We can provide enterprise-wide solutions that prevent, detect and remove Spyware on all workstations increasing speed and performance across the network and reducing risks to your security.

  • Disaster Recovery

    We hope never to need it but a comprehensive and well planned disaster recovery procedure is our insurance policy in case the unthinkable should ever occur and we need to restore systems quickly and with minimal costs to the business.

  • E Policy

    An effective E-Policy is essential so you are aware of any legal implications of mis-use of web browsing or company emails by your employees. We will work closely to define your policy so that it is robust and offers maximum protection to your business.


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