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Make the leap from self managed to hosted exchange and become part of a reliable & straightforward hosted email network that your business can depend on.

Working on the move with mobile devices

Over the last decade information technology has driven major changes in the way that companies operate. Probably the most notable example is the use of mobile devices which allow us to communicate and work effectively on the move.

We have many years of experience planning & implementing mobile solutions – phones, tablets and laptops. We can seamlessly integrate these devices into your existing office network and can also design and implement secure wireless networks so you can share data and work whilst moving to different locations within the office.

The convenience and flexibility of mobile devices are compelling and wireless networks can be less expensive to install and maintain than networks using fixed cabling, but care must be taken in both the design and implementation of the network to ensure it is secure and reliable.

There is a growing trend with companies we work with for using BYOD (Bring your own device) for new employees joing the company.  In todays world nearly everyone has a mobile device be it a phone tablet laptop.  Why should a business bare the cost of procuring a company device if the employee is already carrying one they have purchased themselves.  We can provide mobile solutions that will allow them to use these evices without compromising data security.  With only a few minutes notice we can block access to company email phone systems data giving you immediate knowledge that your data is safe.

By using our hosted VoIP telephone sytem your staff can call out from their mobile via the office number to prevent clients from obtaining their direct mobile number, this prevent an employee from leaving and taking clients with them and also allows you to ensure that the employee’s inbound calls are monitored.

Mobile Devices


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