Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Protect your business from the unknown and unthinkable as Commercial Networks work with you to develop a solid disaster recovery plan that can be implemented quickly if needed.

Planning for the worst

We hope and pray it will never happen but there is always a very real danger of disaster striking us, causing untold damage to our IT & Network infrastructure. This could be anything from an intentional hacker attack to a flood of our premises, so it’s essential that every company has a disaster recovery plan in place.

Commercial Networks can work with you to develop an effective disaster recovery plan to safeguard your business. In the majority of cases it’s never needed, but should the unthinkable happen we can take on the responsibility for getting your network up and running in the fastest possible time, allowing you and your staff to concentrate on managing the business.

Disaster Recovery

Taking the right steps

  • Backups

    Backup, Backup and Backup. Make sure you have a backup solution in place that creates images of your operating systems and documents so that if the worst happens you have recent copies of all your data available.

  • Off Site Backups

    Regular backups aren’t enough on their own and it’s a good idea to have offsite backups so that if anything happens to your premises, copies of your data exist offsite – in the cloud or simply at someone’s home.

  • Bare Metal Solutions

    Don’t make backups that require an exact match to your existing hardware spec to restore to. Ensure you can deploy operating system images and documents to anything that’s at hand even a desktop PC or laptop.

  • Regular Reviews

    Ensure you review your disaster recovery plan and check your backups regularly to test they are working as desired. What’s effective today may to be tomorrow if you’ve added hardware or changed software.

  • Warranties

    Hardware comes with standard warranties and we can work with you to ensure any extended warranties are giving value for money and to ensure your servers are covered so they can be quickly replaced if needed.


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