Commercial Networks Ltd provide reliable & dependable Business IT Support in Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire and Cheshire.

Our Managing Director Mat Deaville was born in Stoke on Trent and still lives there today.  He has spent considerable time working from London, Birmingham and Shropshire.  But decided that the SMB’s within Stoke on Trent could benefit from a reliable profesional IT Support company.  In and around Stoke on Trent itself there appear to be a number of “computer shops” that offer business IT solutions.  After looking into these business’s he belived that Stoke on Trent could benefit from the services offered by Commercial Networks.  Mr Deaville often spends time on sites in and around Stoke on Trent discussing their IT systems and the future for their business.

Two of the growing areas within IT solutions are currently VOIP and Office 365.  As most areas within Stoke on Trent benefit from superfast fibre internet lines it is now possible to leverage the power of hosted systems.

A hosted system is one that is no longer installed in your office but somewhere else on the internet.  The cost savings to a business can be huge.  We are seeing the reduction of call charges and ISDN rental costs by moving telephone systems across to our VOIP solution.  It allows you to work from any location and easily grow your business.  Where as the Office 365 product provides a full email and document storage solution which can be increased instantly to cope with the take on of extra staff.  No need to install a server in your office any more people can access the documents and email from any location and from multiple devices.

We have now succesfully migrated many customers both exsisiting and new across to the 365 platform.  We do not charge any more than if customers go direct to Microsoft but we feel the ability to talk to us about any changes or updates you want is the reason most people choose to take out their subscription theough ourselves.

Commercial Networks have over 40 years of experience providing support to businesses of all types and sizes, offering a complete package of solutions to make us the one stop shop for all your IT & Network support needs. From Office 365 to VOIP or onsite servers we can work with you and your business to ensure your technology is up to date and working for your business.

We can scale the level of IT Support that we can provide to meet your exact needs and requirements so you only pay for what you absolutely need. Give us a call today on 0333 444 3455 or complete the contact form to see how we can help you.