Cyber Essentials compliance checklist

It is vital to understand what cyber essentials is actually assessing your business on? Well, the answer is 5 technical  cyber essentials controls which are safeguards, incorporated into computer, hardware or firmware. These  include  User Access control ,   Firewalls and internet Gateways , Secure configuration, Patch Management ,Malware protection. How do you control user access in your organisation ? How robust is your password security? Do you have defenses against Malicious software? Do you utilize firewalls for network security? Are...

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Renewing Cyber Essentials certification

Your chosen Cyber Essentials golden ticket to cyber safety is valid for an entire year. Once your 12-month journey with this certificate comes to an end, simply reinvest the same amount to continue enjoying unparalleled cybersecurity with a brand-new certificate. However, a more economical way is  a subscription to the ongoing cyber essentials plus compliance service. It’s an easy and automatic recertification that comes with extra benefits. Your systems are monitored continuously for any potential threats and vulnerabilities will be...

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