Word Tips and Tricks

To help you save those crucial few minutes per day we have put together a few videos of tips and trick within Word. We are looking to increase these over the coming months. You may find you pickup something you didn’t even know.

Free tool: Check how long it would take to crack your password

The longer and more complex your password, the harder it will be for cyber-criminals to crack it through brute force. What’s that? It’s where automated software tries thousands of variations of passwords, until it finds the right one. Check your password now. Enter it below and you’ll see how long it would take criminals to crack it. The longer, the better. Your password is safe and is not sent across the internet. If you need a better password, click Generate...

Free tool: Check to see if your email address has been stolen

Hackers are targeting your business! Find out in seconds if your email address has been stolen or compromised. Enter it here. And we’ll run it through a comprehensive database of all email addresses stolen over the last few years. This is powered by Have I Been Pwned. If your email has been compromised, it’s possible cyber criminals have used it to attempt to access your systems. Please contact a cyber security specialist immediately.

The top 5 questions you could ask us, that we’d love to say ‘YES’ to

The pandemic made hundreds of businesses round here question the quality of the IT support they were receiving. We’ve been very busy recently talking to businesses, and onboarding new clients as their IT partner. There are five questions in particular that you could ask us, and we’d be delighted to answer with a very positive YES! So we’ve put them into this brand new guide. Download it instantly.

Outdated technology is costing your business

Is your business still using old outdated technology for your team? It is a real false economy Why is outdated technology bad for my business? You may be thinking that your saving money, in reality your losing money. The reason your loosing money is that your losing staff’s time and productivity every day. Just think of it if opening outlook takes 5 minutes each morning, over a week that is 25 minutes wasted. Over the month that adds up to...

New Microsoft Teams Features

Microsoft has announced a lot of new Microsoft Teams features that are coming shortly. Here is a rundown of them all. Microsoft has also published a study on the future of work – the good, the challenging and the unknown you can read it here Microsoft Team Together mode This uses artificial intelligence technology to place multiple peoples video feeds into a shared background designed to make you feel you are all in the same meeting. This scales tp to...

When did you last upgrade your business phone system ?

If it has been more than 5 years, then your overdue an upgrade to your phone system. Why Upgrade ? You probably upgrade many things every few years such as your mobile, tablet or laptop. Business phones are no different. Developments in voice technology have been huge over the years. Gone are the days of patchy calls on a VoIP system with suppliers unable to deliver. Commercial Networks offer a fully managed, hosted and backed up phone system for your...

Dark web monitoring

Is your business’s data for sale on the dark web? Online there are places where you can buy anything illegal…. drugs, guns and business data. It is called the dark web. It is used by criminals to buy anything illegal including the data stolen from businesses throughout the world. They then use this data to try and hack your computer systems . In this weeks video we tell you about an ongoing way to see if your business’s data is...

Kimbley IT Podcast

Our Managing Director Mat Deaville joins James and Kyle in their fortnightly podcast. Mat Deaville believes there is opportunity for Microsoft 365 and GSuite to co-exist in the business world. It should not be a battle of two IT companies. Commercial Networks and Kimbley IT both specialise in IT services but in two totally different areas. Whilst Commercial Networks know GSuite we are not experts like Kyle and James, our skills lie in Office 365. Whichever is your companies preference...

What is SharePoint and can it help my business?

Are you hearing the name SharePoint and unsure how it can help your business? It is included in many Office 365 subscriptions yet not all businesses have adopted it. We can help with guidance on how to make a start or more technical elements and support. Take a look at our video: Book time with Steve or Mat to discuss how we can get your business running on SharePoint here