Business Phone System Oswestry

Need a business phone system in Oswestry. One that allows you to take your calls anywhere in and out of the office. Did your phone system allow you to work from home answering the office calls during the COVID lock down. All our customers using our telecom solutions did.

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Why change your current phone system

Commercial Networks are an IT company at heart founded by Mat Deaville. They have used their current phone system for more than 10 years. We were that happy with it a couple of years ago Mat decided that we should offer it to current and new customers.

Mat found that old fashioned telecom providers were offering new style phone systems using VoIP technology. Whilst they could install the handsets and configure the call routes clients needed, they did not have the network knowledge to ensure the quality of the calls. This resorted in many companies horror stories of swapping phone systems and having call quality issues or dropped calls.

Business phone system Oswestry

With a business phone system Oswestry from Commercial Networks we will ensure that it will work with your internet connection and networking you already have.

What is included ?

  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • On going support and updates
  • Hosting
  • Backup
  • Call Charges UK local, national and Mobile
  • Smartphone App
  • Softphone
  • No additional costs for voicemail, system prompts, all features included

Business phone system Oswestry

We know the solution we offer !

Rather than provide somebody else’s solution. We use 3CX as the phone system and run it on our dedicated servers maintaining the systems it runs on ensuring it is always available.

But telecoms companies are installing their providers solution and any issues have to be reported through a chain slowing down fault resolution. When you have an issue with 3CX you speak direct to our team who have the knowledge and experience to resolve the issue.

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Frustrated with your IT system ? Constant issues should be a thing of the past. Mat and Steve and their team believe in creating a relationship with your business so that we can ensure current and future needs are met, we pride ourselves on our customer loyalty and dedication.