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With more businesses moving to cloud solutions business internet connectivity has never been more important.  We see and hear about so many horror stories where a business has picked the wrong provider or at times even a residential service.  Not all internet conections are the same there are many different factors to consider.  Such as contention ratio, quality, resiliance, download limit.  In order to save a few pounds per month why risk the opertaions of your business ?  We are able to provide a full range of business internet connectivity solutions ranging from ADSL to Fibre leased line.

Fibre Broadband and Fibre Leased Lines

Fibre Broadband

Fibre broadband provides high speed internet connectivity between two locations.  This connection exists between the service provider location or network node and your business.

Fibre Leased Line

Similar to fibre broadband internet a leased line is a network connection that you rent from the internet service provider.  The service conects two locations such as your business and the service provider’s data centre.  It is a dedicated line to serve only your company and is not shared with others.

Leased line speeds can range from 2Mbps to 10Gps.  Internet service is provided to your business using fibre optic cable connectivity.  The recent inception of EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile), the connectivity technology has changed in order to establish better reliability and to meet the needs of VPN’s (Virtual Private Networks) and VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

EFM is commonly refered to as Ethernet Internet or Ethernet Broadband and is used as an Ethernet connection for your business.  This means the connection, which is uncontended, can be established using a WAN (Wide Area Network) port and a standard Ethernet cable.

Spot The Difference

There is a difference in cost !

A Fibre broadband service is typically offered at a fixed cost.

The cost of a leased Line service is dependant upon your business address.  Plus the costs are determined by the difference between the service provider and your company.

Availability and Performance differ !

Fibre broadband services are commonly shared with other subscribers.  This means you also share the bandwidth which can result in a decrease in performance.

A Leased Line service is a dedicated line setup to server only your company and is not shared with other users.

As do the download and upload speeds.

Fibre broadband services offer asymmetic performance.  This means the download capacity is larger and the upload is smaller.

Leased Line services offer symmetrical performance where both the down and upload are equal.  If the service is customized, Leased Lines can also be designed asymmetrical.


There are a few things to consider in regard to business operations.

How many users do you have?
If your company employs more than 20 end users that access bandwidth intensive applications, a Leased Line may be your best option to ensure reliability and productivity. Additionally, if your business requires connectivity from one site to another, a Leased Line will provide you with the performance you need to conduct daily business operations.

What are your bandwidth requirements?
Before you consider an upgrade, it is necessary to assess the applications you use on a daily basis. Then categorise the applications in terms of bandwidth intensity, number of simultaneous users at peak times, types of applications being accessed such as VoIP, hosted CRM (Customer Relationship Management), amount of service traffic, email access, and more.

Once you have a handle on bandwidth requirements, a Leased Line service provider can tailor the bandwidth to meet your business needs. Additionally, you must take into consideration how critical a reliable high speed connection is to your business and discuss this with your service provider.


Many business owners question the difference in cost between a fibre broadband service and a Leased Line service. In most cases, you will see lower price points for fibre broadband service with a higher performance speed. In comparison, Leased Lines have a higher price point with slower speeds.

Fibre Broadband and Leased Lines are not equal. When determining the answer to this question, it is important to remember you are not comparing two services that are equal. Fibre broadband service providers typically advertise the maximum speed that is possible achieve. However, you almost never reach these speeds because the connection is shared with other users.

With a Leased Line, you are guaranteed to reach the speeds as specified by the service provider. If they promise 10Gbps, then 10Gbps is what you will receive around the clock 24/7.

Cost is dependent upon several factors, including:

Sometimes the reason for the higher cost is the distance between your business location and the service provider PoP (Point of Presence). The PoP is the core network access point to your service provider.

Some of the service providers will try and steer you toward specific amounts of bandwidth which can result in a higher cost for bandwidth you may not need. Instead, ask them to give you a variety of quotes for bandwidth speed amounts. There are many different bandwidth choices when considering a Leased Line service package.

You will find that a few service providers do not use advanced technologies that help to keep the costs of Leased Line services reasonable. You can reduce the costs of a Leased Line service by choosing a provider that uses General Ethernet Access (GEA) technology or Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM).

The Competition.
If your business is located in a rural area, you may pay more for a Leased Line service due to lack of competition. If you are located in a large metropolitan area, there is more competition for your business and therefore, lower prices.

Fibre Broadband has its advantages.

It goes without saying that many companies rely on high speed broadband for daily business operations. Fibre broadband is often the connection of choice due to the lower cost and wide availability. If this type of connection meets your business needs, then it is most likely well suited for daily business operations.

But Leased Line services are the preferred option.

Leased Line services are gradually decreasing in cost. This is one of the reasons businesses with a large user base are choosing this type of broadband connection. Additionally, with most organisations a lost connection can result in profit loss so, a Leased Line offers more reliability.

Also, there are other capabilities you can take advantage of using a Leased Line service. There are a few service providers that offer a Leased Line service with a specific amount of separate bandwidth allocated to run business applications that do not require Internet access. In this case, you not only get the bandwidth connection you need but, your business functions more efficiently as a whole.


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