When emails stop being sent & received. Printers stop printing and desktop PC’s / laptops stop working it impacts productivity and profit.  Use our adhoc IT support

A good reliable IT help-desk should be part of your business’s foundations. It ensures any downtime is minimised and staff know who to call. Not ready to commit to a managed IT contract not a problem that is where our pay as you go IT support can be used. It does not offer the same speed as we give managed clients but we usually find we can get you back up and running same day.

How we offer Pay as you go IT support

Commercial Networks offers remote IT Help-desk Support with help at the other end of the phone exactly when you need it. Our experienced team of experts are there when you need them. Solving a range of IT issues and can work quickly and effectively to resolve problems and get you up and running with a minimum of delay.  With our remote support tools, we can quickly and effectively connect to workstations or run updates scripts to get you up and running quicker.  We find that it is sometimes far quicker to connect on and resolve issues than dispatch engineers to customer sites.  This helps us to reduce our carbon footprint and speed up the level of response we can offer.

From a printer issue to Windows updates not loading we can address them all. It may take a little longer as we will not know all of your infrastructure but we will soon address your issues.

Save Money AdHoc

Reduce Staffing Costs

Using remote IT Support means you can reduce your in house IT costs. By outsourcing your support and only paying for what you need.

AdHoc Devices

Reduce infrastructure costs

Eliminate the need for expensive monitoring or diagnostic software licences and certain services such as Microsoft Exchange can be hosted with us in the ‘cloud’.


Fast Response

If your company is based on several sites remote IT support can respond immediately and be working to resolve issues whilst in house support are travelling to site.

Knowledge Pool

Vast Knowledge pool

Save the costs of having staff on site with different specialities. Take advantage of our team of experts who’s vast knowledge pool covers all areas of IT disciplines.

Do not delay book a time for a chat that suits you Mat and Steve’s calendar can be found here