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With over 40 years experience we offer the complete package of IT Support Solutions including - Helpdesk Support, Server Support, Cloud Support, Office 365 Support and migration

IT Support Solutions Your Business Can Depend on

To be successful in the modern world we are reliant on our IT and Network infrastructure to drive our productivity and grow our businesses. To this end it’s essential that you partner with a reliable IT Support company that is not just there when things go wrong but also ensures your up to date and ready for business.  We do more work in the background than what our customers see, we feel it is far more important to be more than a point of contact when IT is not working, we ensure that machines and servers are updated with all relevant patches firmware updates.  We are constantly checking for Anti Virus updates that need applying to your systems, most of this is done without any disruption to your staff’s busy day.

Commercial Networks have worked with businesses of all sizes in various market sectors for over 20 years and we offers the complete package of IT Support solutions, making us the one stop shop for all your needs.  From VOIP telephone systems to business broadband we feel we have every aspect covered to be the one number you need to know.

We can scale the level of IT Support we can provide to meet your exact needs and requirements so you only pay for what you absolutely need.  From a completely outsourced IT department to a second line help desk we can tailor make the service you pay for based on your needs.  Give us a call today on 0333 444 3455 to see how we can help you.


IT Support Solutions Overview

  • Helpdesk Support

    We’re there to help with everyday IT problems from printers not printing to emails not being sent / received. Commercial Networks are always there to support even the smallest IT problems.

  • Windows Server Support

    As we are Microsoft Certified Partners we can support all your server needs from setting up new users, resolving issues before they impact your business, monitoring performance and implementing group policies.

  • Network Support & Consultancy

    We will support all your networking needs from planning & installing new infrastructure, monitoring performance, implementing security policies and installing and managing hardware firewalls.

  • Network Security

    We have partnered with both Watchguard Technologies and AVG Technologies to offer enterprise class hardware firewalls and anti-virus software to protect your networks from threats.

  • Disaster Recovery

    We can work with you to take steps to plan for the worst so that in the unlikely event it happens you are fully prepared and we are able to restore your network in as little time as possible.

  • Remote Working Solutions

    We can help deploy efficient, cost effective and secure remote working solutions to allow your employees to be productive and access the resources of the offices no matter where they may be.

  • Audits & Healthchecks

    Commercial Networks provide complete audits & health checks on your IT and Network Infrastructure to ensure any potential problems can be resolved before they can impact on your business.

  • Mobile Devices

    We can integrate mobile phones, tablets and laptop computers into your networks allowing you to work effectively whilst on the mobile and our hosted exchange allows you to keep in touch wherever you are.

  • Hosted Exchange & Email

    Streamline your business’s communications by using our Hosted Exchange to power your emails, contacts and calenders. Keep in constant communication with colleagues and clients.

  • Website Design

    We offer website design services which cover basic brochure websites advertising your business, to full blown ecommerce websites to sell you range of products.

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